Plone Conference Session Proposals due Monday!

A quick reminder to the Plone-loving public: Session Proposals are due on Monday, July 21st! If you haven't submitted yours yet, you can do so in a matter of minutes on our handy form.

Not sure what to talk about? Well, I have some suggestions:

  • Real life migration stories from some prior version of Plone to Plone 3
  • Using the current tools well: Developing with Archetypes
  • How does Plone stack up to the competition?
  • How to deploy a well-performing, stable Plone site
  • How to make Plone downright fast
  • The most important Plone features you probably don't use (and don't need to have written)
  • E-Commerce on Plone
  • Plone and multimedia
  • Case studies that highlight Plone's strengths (and informative ones where you learned about the weakness, too)

However, feel free to stray from this list if you have a good idea. Remember to get your proposal in soon, and I look forward to seeing many of you in DC in just a few months!