Blog Autopsy

I started this blog about a year ago with a couple of things in mind. My big idea was that I sometimes have something to say to several people at once, and so instead of emailing them, I could blog instead. A lot of times I'd find interesting links, so a blog would provide a good opportunity to share those, too. As I wrote, I found that I could also share ideas for software that I'd like to write (even if I might not actually get around to writing it for years).

By the new year, I was really enjoying writing. My plone-related posts republish to Planet Plone and everything goes to plantdc. The re-aggregation started brining comments and response posts, and I felt like I was a part of "the conversation." By the end of December, I had resolved to blog two or three times a week. Probably at that point, a betting man would have put money on "this thing is gonna die." He'd have been right, sort-of.

I had a remarkable February. I had the honor of attending the Plone Strategic Planning Summit (PSPS), which was an amazing learning experience. I started to freelance on content management projects for LLC, and several others. I also started working at Revolution Health (which I have since left for strata@comm) directly after the PSPS. It was a heady, busy month, and it was the culmination of pretty powerful ambition creep. I took on way more "new stuff" than I really had capacity for. The startup environment of Revolution would have been more than enough to use most of the free energy I had, and the excitement of freelancing did a good job consuming more than what was left. I was also a champion for a PSPS topic, and a part of the 2008 Plone Conference Planning Committee.

So, things started to drop. For months, I did not fulfill any of my resolutions. I really just focused on what I could maintain from my very ambitious February (which I really was not done with until June). And even some promises fell through (I am still disappointed in myself for the "job" I did as a PSPS Champion; I am just grateful the community is deep enough that my being overwhelmed wasn't particularly detrimental). Mostly, anything that I was doing for intellectual amusement dropped; there just wasn't time.

Looking at the date stamp of this post and the previous one, the blog obviously dropped. Amusingly though, the date-stamps don't tell all -- I actually have partially written posts on my laptop that I didn't have time to finish to my own satisfaction and that then got too old to be of much use to anyone. That's the funny thing about the blog; I really enjoy writing, even if I don't do it as frequently a I'd like. Maybe it's that English degree, or the way that I like to talk about ideas--but if I don't blog for a month, I miss it.

Now that I've dug myself out of my four-month February, what happens? Well, having thought about it carefully, I'll try to take some of this energy and put it back into my resolutions, which means more blogging. It turns out that those things I was doing "purely for intellectual amusement" are the things I really enjoy about my lifestyle, so I'll bring them back and guard them a little more carefully in the future. And hopefully, I'll avoid any more posts this meandering and personal in the future.