iPod Touch: Buggy, fun


So I got an iPod. I've never had a real one before (just a shuffle until I lost it), and I must say, it's fun to have. What finally sold me was my new, long ride to work and the WiFi in the new touch versions.

Overall, it's a fun toy (I'm blogging from it right now), but I can't help but feel a little had; it's amazingly buggy. The touch seemed perfect for me; I have a ton of music to listen to, and my tastes for any given day easily fit in eight gigs. Plus, a lot of what I do is online, but I'm trying to be more active in DC's tech scene, so having seriously portable real web access is really valuable to me. Putting the two together seemed like a really awesome idea -- it's 70% of what I'd want in a laptop for a fraction of the size. But, it crashes a lot. Specifically, when you listen to music and surf -- you know, the reason to buy the thing -- your music will just stop. When you try to restart your song, you end up at the first track in your first album (alphabetically). Then, from time to time, safari will just exit, without warning or memory of what you're doing before the crash. So, sometimes you really luck out and have your music die and your browser crash. Sweet.

Apple does know about the bug though -- I just hope they had enough time to figure out how to fix it in a patch after spending resources figuring out how to brick modded iPhones. This is my first apple product, and I really hope they do right so it's not my last.