BarCamp DC

This will have to be a short entry; I am busily preparing for a more busy weekend. However, there's one particularly interesting thing this weekend that I couldn't neglect: Bar Camp DC. I'll certainly be attending, shooting pictures, and blogging. I'm also hoping to present on "DOM Scripting: How Can I Be Amazing, Fast." The current draft of the presentation is live on, and I'll probably be hacking out the demos late tonight and through tomorrow.

The presentation goes something like this: DOM Scripting is great because it lets you improve usability, increase interactivity, and eschew proprietary technologies like Flash and Silverlight. I'm using Dojo Toolkit for the "Amazing, Fast" part and only teaching unobtrusive techniques. The three major components of DOM scripting are

  • DOM Queries
  • Node Manipulation
  • Event Management

For DOM queries, I use dojo.query to get sets of nodes by CSS3 selectors. It's hip and standard, and I'm hoping that after the presentation, I'll have a chance to write the docs for the dojo book on it. Node manipulation is performed through dojo's HTML and CSS functions -- most of the time you really just want to add a node, change the innerHTML of a node, or change its CSS properties, anyway. Event management is through my darling dojo.connect, which I am documenting now. Then, of course, I'll certainly slap in a little animation sugar, lest people accuse me of not having the "amazing" part down. I expect it'll be a good time, and I hope to see you there!