Too long between posts

I realize that it's been way too long since my last post, so I want to add a brief update. Thank you to everyone for your excellent comments on Umacs. I am reading up on common lisp and continuing to work at my emacs so that the project can begin in earnest. Once I've finally synthesized all the comments from here and reddit, I'll post some specs, milestones, and an update post to put it all together.

I also had the chance to see Adobe's AIR Bus Tour, and I must admit that, although I'm a flash skeptic, it was a good time, and I will try my hand at an AIR app before too long (maybe Sunday). After giving it a go, I'll certainly post an evaluation -- on first blush, it looks like a cool platform, but I think their claims that you need only "HTML and JavaScript" are a smokescreen; to do anything cool, you need to interact extensively with ActionScript and Flash APIs. But, maybe as I work through an app, I'll feel differently.

Finally, I am working on a massive post on Drupal vs Plone, which I've been writing all week, and which I think will probably take until weekend to finish. However, I think that it will contribute meaningfully to the conversation about the two awesome open source CMSes; there actually are a few interesting things to say about them. You can keep up with my progress on all these projects from my twitter, or drop me a line on pibb to talk about anything here.