Moving Target, an Introduction

I want to briefly introduce a project that I'm working on: Moving Target. Moving Target is a personal productivity system that facilitates Getting Things Done.

There are, of course, a ton of programs and web apps that do just that, many of them written by very smart programmers who have comparative advantage against me. However, I don't have huge expectations for this project to overtake backpack, and I expect I'll be staying organized with Toodledo (which is really pretty awesome) for months to come. However, I do have a few things that I'd like to do a little differently from other projects I've seen:

  • Collection is an important part of the process: Nothing I've used so far has a general queue where I can forward emails, send IMs, subscribe RSS feeds, and so on for organization later; however, I want a queue that can be turned into next actions.
  • Creating reference materials is crucial: I need reference materials stored with my projects, preferably in a simple CMS, such as a wiki; Basecamp gets close with its writeboards, but writeboards don't exploit hypertext well and are too tightly coupled to a single project.
  • Contexts are tags with a little logic: I want to be able to build contexts like computer AND (home OR work) and then query against those for my next actions
  • A cellphone with SMS should have full access: My most exciting goal in the project is to design a SMS-based query language for the system; I want to be able to add, list, and complete next actions and to forward notes to my queue.[# Toodledo with IMified gets close to this, but the system is clunky and slow over Verizon's AIM]
  • Projects should be completable indefinitely nestable: I should be able to check off a project as done and have it in an archive; similarly, I should be able to have sub-projects, sub-sub-projects, and so on, until I'm to next physical actions.
  • Groups work differently than individuals: Groups work at a higher level than individuals, and a really good system should facilitate and enhance group work and help that feed into individual organization.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be working on getting more proficient in Zope 3 and in better speccing the use cases I've written so far. We'll see how far I get; right now, leaning Zope 3 is slowing me down, and I have a few other interesting commitments (like this blog) that aren't leaving a ton of time for the project. However, I am pretty excited about it. The project is released under the GPL, and the source will be publicly available on Google Code. Expect updates here.