Moving to Plone

It's been a good time on Drupal, but I've finally decided to give in and go with what I know. I started blogging on drupal for three big reasons:

  • It's an excellent CMS that's easy to use out of the box
  • It's the nicest CMS my cheap hosting will support
  • Its developers have a lot of good, interesting ideas about content management that I'd like to learn more about

Unfortunately, I'm a tinkerer. I want little changes and big features as I use a system. That's why I love open source; I might not be a full-time programmer, but I know enough to usually scratch my own itches. Unfortunately, now that I do program in python for work, I don't have a lot of time or energy to get good at several languages at home. And if it's between LISP (used for umacs) and PHP in my free time, LISP is more interesting to me. So, I have these ideas for features for drupal, but no ability or energy to implement them. Instead of learning the system, I am just grinding against it. So, I'm moving this site to Plone, with Quills to power my blog. I know enough about Plone to add what I want. I'm following Martin Aspeli's new book to make the install as clean as possible. All the code for the migration is available at Googlecode. Here's hoping that my entry 10 days from now is running on the new system.